Studies show that we spend about 90% of our life indoors and 2/3 in our own home.

Your home should therefore be healthy and comfortable. Conventional buildings require natural crossflow to cool your home in summer and use gas or electric heater to warm it up in winter. The natural cross flow means that not just air, but also pollen and dust gets blown into your home and majority of the time, the air is hot or humid. In winter most heaters are only warming a few specific rooms and don’t provide a consistent warmth throughout the house.

All these issues result in polluted air, mould and condensation. These issues are uncomfortable and can inflame those suffering with asthma through an unhealthy environment.

Health benefits of our energy efficient homes

Carbonlite’s building solution, with the airtight membrane, stops the air movement through the walls and roof and therefore eliminates the risk of structural damage, mould and condensation. The super insulated building envelope and the energy recovery ventilation system make the need of natural cross flow unnecessary.

The result is a extremely comfortable, energy efficient home with a consistent temperature and a constant fresh, filtered air supply in every room all year round.

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